Super Nerve Power


Our unique blend of carefully chosen ingredients have been CLINICALLY PROVEN to increase central control on pain and painful memories. It improves nerve function, memory and power output.



Improved energy production house mitochondia function through unique ingredients | Improves symptoms and performance through increased glucose uptake by brain and nerve cells. Improves healing power, immunity and inflammation.


Better physical performance begins with aligned energy cycle and strong cognitive function, reliable ability to concentrate and focus if fatigued or under stress. Also improve performance by regulating cerebral blood flow (CBF).



Plant Derived Ingredients

Healing takes near to nature and we have all ingredients that are derived from plants, not chemicals

No Side Effects

Because all the ingredients are natural not chemicals, there are no harmful effects on kidneys or#ther organs

Low Cost

What is the cost of your pain - what would you pay for the medicine that heals rather than suppress pain.

Super Nerve Power – Mechanism to Action and benefit in Fibromyalgia 

Fibromyalgia can be quite devastating due to pain and tiredness. There is no cure but doctors have been trying and making efforts to make patient’s life better with pain relief, more energy to do the day to day work and improving fibro fog. “Super Nerve Power” is one of newer treatment that has been proposed and is made from plant extracts. These herbal extracts have track record of hundreds of years but have been combined into a capsule form to easy swallow and maximum relief.  The formula has been designed by MD medical doctor however not all doctors have caught up reading the scientific benefit. A good majority are realising the benefit to their patients and are supporting it, the pharmacological treatment on long term has risk of damaging organs.

The fact is that Fibromyalgia has widespread pain due to the increased substance “P” and pain hypersensitivity. The pain is thus usually continuous, although it may be better or more severe at different times. Fibromyalgia can make you extremely sensitive to pain all over your body, and you may find that even the slightest touch is painful.

You may hear the condition described in the following medical term such as hyperalgesia – when you’re extremely sensitive to pain; or allodynia – when you feel pain from something that should not be painful at all, such as a very light touch. These are due to the neurotransmitter problems which are addressed by Ginkgo Biloba and Phosphatidyl Serine in  the newly developed natural pain relief product “Super nerve Power”.

The fibromyalgia pain can just feel like a constant ache, however sometimes it is like a burning sensation and sometimes it is like a sharp, stabbing pain. This is due to the neurotransmitters and nerve receptors in the central nervous system including the spinal cord and brain. The recent research with functional MRI changes in Brain of fibromyalgia patients is fascinating and supports the effectivity of Super nerve Power.

The cognitive problems such as problems in thinking and learning are related to mental processes, and these are addressed by Ginkgo Biloba and Guarna.

The patients of fibromyalgia experience trouble remembering and learning new things and also problems with attention and concentration. Ginkgo has scientifically proven effectiveness in memory improvement and is tried in dementia, Alzheimer’s disease. Guarna is a CNS stimulant and increase thought flow and wakefulness.

Fibro patients also sometimes have slowed or confused speech which improves with Super nerve Power.

Some other components carefully added in the Super Nerve Power for additive effect help improving constant tiredness and fatigue and improving sleep. It also has positive effect on irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and depression etc which co-exist with fibromyalgia.